‘Providing Training, Education & Work Experience for
People with a
Learning Disability’

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Your donation will make a difference

With your donation we can continue to grow and develop.Charities change, like any organisation, under the influence of various factors – economic fluctuations, trends in donor giving and grant making policies, changes in beneficiaries’ needs. Despite our considerable successes over the past 35 years, we are always struggling to attract enough funding for running our activities/projects at Haylands Farm.

We rely on the generosity of private individuals, companies, trusts and foundations for maintaining and developing the range of activities and services we offer for our students. Each year we are facing deficit funding, and each year this figure will rise. Over the years funding has enabled us to expand our capital assets, however it is the revenue costs, which we continuously have to take strongly into consideration in order for Haylands Farm to survive.

How to make a donation by cheque or direct debit

Regular Donation - By making a regular donation to IW Mencap will support the many projects which already exist. It will also allow us to plan long-term programmes for adults with a learning disability. Contact us to find out more details on how to make a direct debit.

One off Donation - You can make a one off donation by sending a cheque to IW Mencap - made payable to IW Mencap/Haylands Farm. You can find our details on our contact page.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can make your donation worth even more to Haylands Farm under the Gift Aid scheme. Gift Aid is one of the simplest and effective ways of giving to a charity. Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, we will recieve an extra 25 pence from the Inland Revenue. Gift Aid will not cost you a thing and imagine what a difference you can make.

How do we claim your Gift Aid?
For us to claim your Gift Aid you must be a UK taxpayer. This means that you are paying tax on either:

  • Money that you earn
  • Savings that you have
  • Benefits or pension that you receive

You can help us to claim by giving permission to claim the tax back whenever you make a donation. You can do this by filling out a Gift Aid Declaration Form, simply click on the either the MS word or PDF version below.

Gift Aid Declaration [PDF, 11k]

Gift Aid Declaration [WORD, 20k]

You can install the latest version from the Adobe Acrobat website.