‘Providing Training, Education & Work Experience for
People with a
Learning Disability’


Training, Projects & Personal Development

Our Students recieve training in areas which they are most suited whether it be within our agriculture or horticulture unit or within one of our projects. Our students are supported through there learning by members of trained staff, enabling the students learn to take responsibility and develop skills which are geared towards the working environment.

Life SkillsLife Skills

Students are taught basic life skills in a working environment, including cooking, cleaning, washing & ironing, communication, self confidence building, team building, etc. All of these skills are transferable into other areas of an individuals life.

Volunteers and staff support our students in areas of self development, encouraging our students to be in control of their lives. Our main emphasis is to empower people with a learning disability in a working situation in order to progress in their working and personal lives.


Within our agricultural unit students learn to take responsibility of the care and cleaning of various animals. Our students are mainly taught in areas of poultry care and goat keeping.

We have a pony, a small number of goats and a flock of chickens, all of which the students learn to care for on a daily basis. Our students learn skills which include the collection of eggs, cleaning, weighing, stamping and boxing of eggs ready for the students to sale on and off site. Along side the care of the animals, students are gaining other valuable skills such as communication, teamworking, numberacy, literacy, etc.


We have 2 glasshouses on site, our small glasshouse unit provides space for our students to be trained in horticulture skills. The produce is then moved into our larger glasshouse.

In 2001 the farm recieved National Lottery funding which enabled us to purchase the smaller glasshouse, and this has provided us with valuable space for students to work in. We have a qualified member of staff training and supporting students in their work.

We also have a large allotment plot where we produce all manner of vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, runner beans and much, much more. All Island grown and chemical free.

Our students have small plots for themselves, all their produce is their's to keep and it encourages them to be more independent and self-reliant.

WoodworkWood Work & Furniture Restoration

One of our newest projects is our wood working and furniture restoration unit. Our students get "hands on" experience working within the unit and gaining carpentry skills. The items which are built are placed within our furniture showroom and are then sold to the public.

Our students are also learning customer care skills, which can then be transferred into other types of work in the community. All the tools and equiptment used have been donated to the farm, although we are at present seeking funding to support the project.

Personal Development

A number of our students whose skills, confidence and personality have been enhanced by several years have left us and have taken up working in the community, although the majority of our students choose and are more suited to stay. However our main aim is to provide our students with life long skills, in order for them to progress on into the community.