‘Providing Training, Education & Work Experience for
People with a
Learning Disability’

Student Referrals

Our Students

Any adult with a learning disability can apply for a placement at Haylands Farm, we accept people from the age of 18 years old to retirement age and beyond.

Our Staff

We employ 9 full-time paid members of staff, which includes a Manager and Deputy Manager, two horticultural support workers, one agricultural support workers, one support worker who focuses on life skills and arts and crafts, one support worker who provides additional support to students, and a member of administrative staff who provides training within the office environment. We also have a group of dedicated volunteers who work alongside our students and drive our delivery van.

How to Apply

We currently accept people who are receiving a Personal Budget, Direct Payments, or who are able to pay themselves.

Steps to be taken

The first step is to contact us, you can either contact us yourself or through a family member/carer.

We will then arrange to meet with you at the farm.

This meeting will be to show you what the farm does, what you would like to do at the farm and what you want to get out of your placement here.

We will discuss the financial aspect, the cost to you and the service you should get for your payment.

We then will arrange for you to attend a trial day, this day is free of charge and will give you a chance to get a feel of the place, and our staff to get a better understanding of you, before you make the decision to join us.

Depeding on the outcome, we may offer additional trial days.

If you are happy, and we are happy then we will offer you a placement.

What happens next

The person will work along side our staff, volunteers and students in their preferred areas of work .

The person will then be allocated a member of staff as their personal key worker. Whilst working at the Farm each student receives an internal review on a three monthly basis to discuss their progress with their key worker.